Creating And Facilitating Equality

Creating And Facilitating Equality



Creating & Facilitating Equality was established with the purpose of training people in cultural sensitivity and diversity. We work with companies and individuals to establish programs that address common issues, deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes, and improve intercultural acceptance within the community and workplace. All of these objectives have also been shown to improve interpersonal relations, employee satisfaction, and productivity when they are implemented in the workplace.



Many of our clients have seen their business flourish after inviting us to train their associates. Even if you have not yet had any incidents regarding diversity, proactively exposing your employees to sensitivity training can be beneficial to your entire workforce. This also dramatically reduces the chance that you will face such a crisis in the future. Employees who have been prepared and trained on how to appreciate diversity are far less likely to initiate an incident or be a liability. We can help you avoid crisis.



Got Cafe! There is no substitute for learning about the value of other cultures. We offer a full set of services that comes to your place of business. There is no better investment than empowerment through empathy and diversity. Reach out to us to arrange the type of training that best fits your organizations needs.

Diversity Statement


The value of diversity is that it respects all of the ways in which we are different, our individual qualities and characteristics that make us special. Diversity is the many cultures we belong to; whether it is our perceived race or ethnicity, it is inclusive of our values, experiences, and lifestyle which are constantly changing. 

Rather than seeing diversity as a problem, I see diversity as a great natural resource that is abundant throughout our world.  While some have focused on diversity as a problem minimizing or denying differences, I believe we should focus on highlighting those differences. Valuing diversity is rethinking how to approach differences. It has taken me years but I have grown in my appreciation of diversity and can see how it benefits our world.

Diversity is a basic element of the world that can bring people together to the table. It is at the table where we bring our talents, our voices, and our opinions to build meaning for one another.  I believe if I deny a person a voice, I am short changing both that person and myself. No matter what a person brings to the table I value them. It is a personal and cultural priority for me to grow.

The value of diversity in education has evolved naturally. Teaching styles, technology, fields of interest, and modalities of learning are only a few examples of this evolution. Understanding the effects of assimilation and the acculturation process are areas of diversity that have most impacted education.  Through acculturation we help others to move to the next level, understand the rules, and to get ahead. 

Diversity education is a complex process that is both cognitive and effective. In higher education we are constantly asking our students to develop their critical thinking skills. Many college courses treat diversity as a separate skill or afterthought, but I believe diversity is critical thinking at its best! Questioning, discussion, and reflection are all high order thinking skills. Diversity education is an ongoing process limited not only to the classroom but also by being exposed to other people and networks. Students who have a good understanding in the areas of diversity have more to offer their employers as they have a more global perspective of the world. 

It is interesting that in the workplace environment we tend to do more diversity training which is only one part of diversity education.  Training is more technical, standardized, and descriptive. Nonetheless, it is an important process when what we are looking for is high performance. Teamwork, conflict management, communication, flexible thinking, creativity, and productivity are the skills needed to have a successful organization and valuing diversity provides pathways to this success.  

In the end the profit of valuing diversity extends far beyond the value of money. Organizational success is reflected when each member can bring to their business environment the skills needed to communicate well and execute the responsibilities of the job. Personal success is reflected when each member brings their uniqueness to an inclusive environment that celebrates and empowers them to actualize their skills and or talents.

It is evident, that I feel that diversity is imperative, if we are to move both people and organizations forward. 


CAFE Information

Diversity Training

CAFE offers diversity workshops customized to your organization's needs and size.

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  • PA NAME 2019 Conference Workshop
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City of Wilkes-Barre, PA

NSCA, Philadelphia, PA

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Little Peoples Daycare Scranton, PA

Diocese of Rockville Centre, NY

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New to CAFE

  • CAFE is sponsoring "CAFECITO," a diversity club of 22 members of McNair Junior High School students in Brevard County, Florida


  • Q. Is CAFE diversity training available in my state?
  • A. Yes. CAFE's Diversity training is available internationally.
  • Q. What if i only have a small group of people to train?
  • A. CAFE can accommodate a group of any size.



Affinity Group

Diversity & Your Employees (Series)

ROI Diversity Works

Latinx Culture 

Generational Diversity

Color Blindness For Educators

It's Not Just About Language

Spanish In The Workplace

ESL For Employees

Inclusion STOPS Bullying 

Self Care

Multicultural Principles

CDA Classes

Spanish Classes

Sociology of Diversity

Additional Customized Classes 

are Available!


Whether Prisoner, Vacationer or Learner Participants will have the opportunity to ask candid questions,  and discuss diversity issues in both large and small groups, .  All workshops are interactive and allow for take-aways  such as  a new perspective from their own peers and that of  society at large.  

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